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Open Letter to the Mater Dolorosa Retreat Center

We understand that your Board of Directors is proposing to sell off a significant portion of Mater Dolorosa to a developer for purposes of a large 40 home housing project. Despite the fact that this decision impacts nearby residents, Catholics and non-Catholics who have enjoyed the peace and serenity Mater Dolorosa provides, open space, preservation and wildlife advocates as well as the wider Sierra Madre community, there has been no input from these various constituencies. In fact, we have been unable to find the names of the Board of Directors who will be making a decision that will impact so many.

We understand that the land you intend to sell has a monetary value. However, it also has an intangible value that is priceless to many people. While the Mater Dolorosa Retreat Center is private property, it is also a significant cultural and physical landmark in the City of Sierra Madre and is so designated in Sierra Madre's General Plan.

As such, we feel that Mater Dolorosa has an obligation to discuss its plans before the property is sold to an outside developer who perhaps has a different view of the significance of this land. By getting the input from this community, perhaps alternative options can be explored other than another housing project in Sierra Madre. That alternative can result in a win-win solution.

This can only be done in a spirit of good communication and transparency. Unfortunately that has not been the case thus far. The concern is that if the Mountain Views News hadn't broken the story about the housing project on November 16th, when exactly did Mater Dolorosa intend to reveal their plans? Only after the story broke, did Mater Dolorosa send a letter dated November 19th to nearby residents. That letter uses words like: "The Passionists have begun exploring....." or "Our planning process is in its preliminary stages. Any comment or speculation about how this parcel may be used would be premature" or finally "As plans begin to take shape, we promise to keep you informed and to listen to your input." Yet in a meeting with the spokesperson for Mater Dolorosa Retreat Center on December 4th, we are told that signing a contract with the developer is "imminent" and that the "the train is leaving the station". It is difficult to reconcile the letter of Nov. 19th with the words from your spokesperson on December 4th - a mere fifteen days later. How is that consistent with keeping your "...promise to keep you informed and listen to your input."

In light of the above, we would urge you to delay the decision to sign a contract with the developer and explore all the options with the people who would be affected by this decision.

Thank you.

Tim Thomas - Sierra Madre Resident

Coalition to Save Mater Dolorosa Monastery and Stop the Housing Project




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