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NEWS ALERT! City Council Votes Unanimously for Water Conservation and Moratoriums

Dear Supporters:

We are proud to tell you that at tonight's City Council Meeting our City Council members voted​ unanimously in favor of Phase 3 water conservation but without the penalties and they voted unanimously in favor of the Water Meter and Building Moratoriums. It was an incredible moment and the culmination of all of our efforts since this Coalition was formed back in November of 2013.

We need to thank each of you who took your valuable time to come to the meeting to lend your support. We also want to thank those speakers who stood up and spoke passionately on behalf of this cause. We also appreciate those who weren't able to come but told us they were there in spirit. We also thank those who sent emails and wrote letters. You all made a difference.

Finally, we need to thank our City Council Members. They listened to the people, they did their homework. They showed courage and they cast their vote to put Sierra Madre on a sustainable path now and for the future. It should renew our faith in each other, our elected representatives and the system. Sierra Madre was truly at its best tonight.

Here at the Coalition, we pledge not to rest on our laurels. We must and will stay vigilant to see this process through to the end.

Thank you for your support

Steering Committee

Coalition to Preserve Mater Dolorosa and Stop the Housing Project




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