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NEWS UPDATE! Coalition to Preserve Mater Dolorosa and Stop the Housing Project

Dear Supporters:

We wanted to give you a few quick updates in regards to our Coalition to Preserve Mater Dolorosa and Stop the Housing Project:

1. As many of you know, Denise Delmar was elected to the City Council on Tuesday. Because of her election, she has resigned her position as a member of our Steering Committee. We are very happy for Denise and know that she will do a great job representing all the residents of Sierra Madre in the various issues and challenges that will come before the City Council. We also wish to congratulate Gene Goss and Rachelle Arizmendi. We are confident that they too will make excellent City Council members and look out for the best interest of Sierra Madre. While Noah Green didn't win, he had the courage to enter the arena and we wish him well in whatever capacity he wishes to serve in the affairs of Sierra Madre.

2. We have noticed that a few of our Stop the Monastery Housing Project yard signs have gone missing. We just ordered a new batch of signs which will arrive next week. If you need another sign, please let us know and we will have one delivered next weekend. We appreciate those who requested signs that have yet to be delivered, we will get yours out to you also. Thanks for your patience.

3. While Denise Delmar's wisdom, hard work and great concern for preserving the town we love so much will be hard to replace, we would ask that you to let us know if you have any interest in serving on the Steering Committee as we enter what may be a new phase in our efforts to preserve the beautiful open space at Mater Dolorosa. Send us an email if you would be interested in helping to guide our efforts in the future and we can let you know the date for our next meeting.

Thank you for your interest and your continued concern.

Steering Committee

Coalition to Preserve Mater Dolorosa and Stop the Housing Project




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